2016 Michigan IBM i and Power Systems Technical Education Conference


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Richard Schoen


Presenter: Richard Schoen

Topic: Using Bootstrap to Quickly Create a Vendor, Customer or Employee Web Site

What if there was a quick way to jump start the development of an IBM i vendor, customer or employee portal for your organization?

Have you been looking for a no-cost easy way to get started building vendor, customer or employee web sites for desktop and mobile devices without spending lots of becoming an expert in HTML, JavaScript and CSS?

If you're like me you don't want to become a low level HTML, CSS or JavaScript coder, but you need to be able to build sites that provide meaningful access to your IBM i data.

This session will introduce you to the Bootstrap HTML framework and using it to create the start of a responsive web site that can be quickly turned into a site that can be accessed from any desktop or mobile web browser. We will demonstrate a .Net and RPG CGIDEV based Bootstrap sample site that you can use as the basis for your own native IBM i portal site whether you want to run natively on IBM i or in Windows connected to IBM i.

No matter if you choose to use .Net, RPG, PHP, Java, Ruby or the next new language to be invented, learning about the Bootstrap framework will allow you to create great looking responsive web sites with very little effort.

If you don't already have a vendor, customer or employee portal for your IBM i this session may be the answer to compel you to check out Bootstrap and take the leap to increased development productivity that provides value for your organization and expands your development toolset.


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