2016 Michigan IBM i and Power Systems Technical Education Conference


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Scott Forstie


Presenter: Scott Forstie

Topic: Time Travel with DB2 for i

With IBM i 7.3, DB2 for i has added a time machine into the database. No, you won't be able to submit your jobs under the "DeLoreantime machine" subsystem, Instead, DB2 for i has added a way for your to tell the database to automatically keep track of the history of your SQL table. Once this data-centric history is enabled, you can use SQL to ask time-based questions (queries). If you have ever needed to know the contents of the table at a specific point in time or over a time range, DB2 for i Temporal table support makes it easy to accomplish.

This session will explain DB2 for i Temporal table support and include working examples. Its time to retire older and less effective solutions to solving this important business requirement. Step up to IBM i 7.3 and use Temporal tables in DB2 for i


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