2016 Michigan IBM i and Power Systems Technical Education Conference


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Larry Bolhuis


Presenter: Larry Bolhuis

Topic: Clean up your IBM i Disk

How much disk storage do you have on your system? The most common answer is 'not enough!' Attend this session and find out where all that space went, what you can clean up, and what should be left alone.

  • Learn about reporting, automating, and managing your disk space in IBM i.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the tools IBM has built into IBM i and how to leverage them to help keep your system clean.

Walk away with a solid understanding of how to clean up your disk space, manage your IFS, and reorganize your files.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to determine where all your disk space has gone.
  • How to clean up unused space in physical files.
  • How to search for object filling up the IFS.
  • How to use *nix and PASE tools to work in the IFS.

IBM i System Administrators

This session is intermediate.


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