2016 Michigan IBM i and Power Systems Technical Education Conference


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VT 425-4


Larry Bolhuis


Presenter: Larry Bolhuis

Topic: CL Enhancements V5R3 to Present

Get a detailed look at the enhancements brought to the CL language from i5/OS V5R3 through IBM i 7.1.

  • See examples of the new functions like DOFOR, DOWHILE, DOUNTIL and SELECT, and how they allow programming CL in a much more structured format.
  • Learn about the many new process flow options and variable types in the CL language such as integer, signed integer, and pointer variables and how to use them.
  • Get tips on how to simplify the compiling of CL programs and command objects.
  • Find out how to provide direct feedback to IBM on your needs for the CL language -- they want to know if these changes are helping you and what to enhance next.

Learning Objectives:

  • What IBM has added to the language in the last several releases.
  • How to leverage some of these enhancements to better access user spaces and APIs
  • What IBM has added to Command objects in recent releases.

IBM i Developers and System Administrators.

This session is intermediate to advanced.


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